Bullying No Way! 

Today is National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence.  

The theme for the 2023 National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence (NDA) is Growing connections. 

Growing connections helps everyone feel accepted, respected, included and supported. 

Being connected and having people to talk to, or to ask for help, can help to prevent bullying. 

This week , students at CPS participated in activities in their classroom around this theme.  


How we can grow connections at CPS  

  • We can talk to people we wouldn’t normally talk to or if someone looks lonely. 
  • We can choose a different partner in class activities to connect with different students. 
  • We can connect with school staff such as teachers, teacher aides, tuckshop staff, library staff, office staff, by saying hello or showing our appreciation. 
  • We can speak up if people we know are being unkind or excluding someone, and seek help from a trusted friend or adult. 
  • Join a new club or after school activity  


What is Bullying? 

*Bullying is when one person, or a group of people repeatedly hurts or upsets someone.  

*They might repeatedly try to hurt the person physically, socially exclude them, or say and do mean or embarrassing things to them. 

Examples of bullying could be when someone: 

  • keeps picking on you again and again and tries to make you feel bad 
  • says or does lots of mean things that upset you 
  • makes fun of you a lot 
  • tries to stop you from joining in or make others not like you 
  • keeps hurting you (such as hitting or punching). 

*Bullying can happen in person or online. It might be something people can see or it might be hidden. 

*Sometimes you might have a fight or argument with someone.
If it happens once, it is not bullying even though it can be upsetting. It is also not bullying if you sometimes fight with a friend and you can sort it out.


Bullying is never ok. 

There is always someone you can reach out to for help.