Chaplain’s Chat – Term 1 Week 9

Last fortnight’s activity looked at Mindfulness. This fortnight I’d like to consider the yellow zone from the Zones of Regulation. When we are in the Yellow Zone, we have higher levels energy and stronger emotion, such as feeling excited, fidgety, anxious, or frustrated. Although our feelings are becoming more intense, we usually still have a sense of control when in the Yellow Zone. 

Being in this Zone can be helpful when competing in a game, doing a school performance, or playing with friends because higher energy or level of alertness helps us engage and perform in these activities. 

However, children might need to regulate their Yellow Zone feelings in situations when they need to be calm and focussed. Like when their goal is to get ready for school or outings, completing homework or chores, when it’s time for sleep, or when we need to give others in our family some space. The school holidays is sure to offer plenty of additional moments to regulate and return to the green zone. 

Some Yellow Zone tools to transition to a calmer space include:  

 Hopefully, you have your own go to, or you can use one of the tools above to have more calm moments over the break. All the best for an enjoyable school holidays!