CHUMT SHOW 2019 Wrap-up!

Congratulations to all 145 children who entered the show.

JUNIOR winners

First place Leilah singing Remember Me

Second place Makayla and Edeline Dancing and singing to Super Trooper

Third place Chloe,  Chloe & Scarlett singing and dancing to Old Town Road

Fourth place Nika singing 2002

MIDDLE Primary winners

First place Rosie singing Tomorrow

Second place XuLin playing Foxtrot on the piano

Third place Jocelyn playing She’ll Be Coming Round The Mountain on the violin

Fourth place Draw between Ryleigh singing Radioactive and Mikayla singing I see The Light

SENIOR winners
First place Micaela singing Man In The Mirror

Second place Andrew playing piano and singing Bohemian Rhapsody

Third place Sam,  Ollie and Sean playing a 12 Bar Blues in a trio. Trumpet, Baritone, Drums.

Fourth place Anna singing and Taya, Lily and Addy (stepping in for Amelie) dancing to a musical Mash up including Old Town Road.

Some hints and tips for next year are;

  • Practice with Karaoke as soon as possible
  • Show Mr Howesmith at an early stage to get some valuable advice
  • Children accompanying themselves on uke, guitar or piano are usually awarded higher marks
  • Dress up and find some movements/actions to enhance the performance
  • Choose an entertaining song…..