Churchlands Primary School – A Happy School

Our school is a proud member of the Happy School program.

We value our staff and believe that the work we do is important. Staff morale and well-being have a HUGE impact on student achievement, relationships within our school and the successful implementation of change. High stress levels have a negative impact and increase staff absence. A happier staff leads to better results!

As members of the Happy School program each week we receive a ready-to-use one page article to share with staff. The articles provide professional development and practical strategies to improve staff well-being, reduce stress, cope better with change, work effectively with others and engage our students. The articles are written by experts, especially for staff in schools.

The articles provide staff with…

  • strategies to improve well-being and reduce stress
  • skills to better use their time
  • develop a more positive attitude
  • work better with others; and
  • improve their work-life balance.

Over 600 schools across Australia, New Zealand and internationally are members of the Happy School program.

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