Churchlands Primary School Digital Learning

To help communicate the rationale behind our ‘learning with technology’ strategies, we are publishing a series of communications that unpack what we are achieving as a school and in the classroom. For information on the rationale behind the strategies, please visit the school’s website which hosts information including a presentation introducing details surrounding our BYOD program.

Room 14 – Stop motion animation!

This week, we are sharing learning from Room 14, where our students enhanced their knowledge of science and digital skills while bringing their knowledge of the states of matter to life using the process of stop-motion videoing.

After planning their videos through the process of visual storyboarding, students paired up to begin the animation process with either drawn elements, models or playdough.

Stop motion videoing is the process of combing many still images together with each image depicting the next frame of movement in the sequence. The images are then combined to produce a video that ‘brings the concepts alive’. It takes many images to create only a small snippet of video so the students had their work cut out to get some decent footage that represented their scientific understanding.

Miss Lau, R14’s wonderful student teacher, under the guidance of Mrs Basei and Ms Grescos, supported the students in Room 14 to use the Stop Motion Builder app to complete the process. Using their iPads, students carefully framed and snapped each shot of the sequence before using the app to edit and construct their videos. By adding titles, soundtracks and other engaging elements to complete the ‘masterpieces’, students successfully took their thinking and brought it to life through the magic of film.

Well done Miss Lau and the Year 3 team  – Future academy award winners in the making!

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