City of Stirling – Tree Planting and Partnerships

On Wednesday the Environmental officers went on a tree excursion to plant native trees around the suburb of Churchlands. In spite of the cold wet weather, we managed to plant all the trees required. This was followed by a delicious morning tea. Thank you to Stirling Council for allowing us to be involved. We loved it!

Some comments from the Environmental Officers on Tree Planting day included: “I love planting trees in the rain.  I am going to call my tree Diggie” (Olivia), “Tree planting is lots of fun and I have named my tee after my family” (Gracie), and “It was fun to have my Mum as a helper and it was an experience to remember”. (Jaanhvi)

Did you know that each tree that we planted we get to name? For example; Theresa Green, Amazing Grace. Sonata, Elsie Diggie, and Harriet are just a few of the tree names. We will put the name tags on the trees next week during our lunchtime meeting. Thank you to our parent volunteers, Mrs. Fraser and Mrs. Samsa for organising this excursion.

Caitlyn, Olivia, Caitlin – Year 5 Environmental Officers

On Friday at our school assembly, Mayor Irwin from the City of Stirling Council presented Churchlands Primary School with the $4,000 Living Green Schools Grant.  This grant will support the creation of a productive habitat for frogs and to serve as an example for educational opportunities relating to ecosystems, lifecycles, adaptations and the environment.  The pond area will provide students with a ‘real world example’ to learn about productive habitats for frogs.

Mayor Irwin was very impressed with the partnership that CPS has with the City of Stirling.  We participate in many of their initiatives such as Battery Recycling, Climate Clever (a program we will be working hard on in Term 3 and 4), Containers for Change, and Tree Planting in the local community.

Churchlands Primary School would like to thank Mayor Irwin, and local councillors, Stephanie Proud, Gabriela Eiris, and Candice Le Roux, who have been terrific to work with. Thank you for the support that the City of Stirling gives our school.

We look forward to continuing our community partnership with the City of Stirling for many years to come.

Sheree Samsa