Coder Dojo & Scitech Challenge

Coder Dojo – Robotics – Year 3 & 4

This coming week marks the beginning of the Term 4 Coder Dojo – Robotics course for students in years 3 & 4. Thank you to all the students and families who have signed up, it was another sort-after program and I apologise to those students who missed out. Unfortunately, there is a limit to the class size so hopefully, those students can put up their hand next year.

Students begin classes on Monday after school where they will learn how to program a robot to navigate a walled maze in teams. This program of learning aims to equip the students with robotics knowledge and understanding in the lead-up to the 2022 CPS RoboShowdown which will be running at the end of the term. I am excited to see you all, and get underway on Monday.

SciTech Challenges

On Wednesday we also have our Year 5 & 6 representatives participating in the 2022 Scitech Challenge day. Congratulations to those students who gained entry to this great event during our STEAM week challenge last term. The two teams will be put through their paces, continuing their learning of the Design Thinking process, and hopefully developing some fantastic solutions to newly posed, real-world problems. Mrs Goodwin will be guiding the teams on the day. Good luck boys! I’m looking forward to supporting our year 4 STEAM week Design Thinking challenge winners on their trip to Scitech in week 4.

Stay tuned for an update as to how it all went in the coming weeks.

Luke Johnson