This year our Coder Dojo classes have been working hard in preparation for our annual Robotics competitions. The years 3 & 4s have been discovering how to code Photon robots to compete in the 3rd Annual CPS Robo-Showdown, while our senior students have been gearing up for our second entry into the WA RoboCupJr – on early next term.

For the CPS Robo-showdown, students are given a time limit to accumulate as many points as they can by programming their Photon through a maze. While their robots are traversing the walled maze, teams are allocated points for reaching various milestones, while also trying to avoid traps and out-of-bounds areas, and being penalised.

If last year’s exciting event is anything to go by, this year’s competition is going to be ‘edge-of-your-seat’ viewing as our teams aim for the top spot! If you want to watch the action unfold join us in the undercover area on Thursday at lunchtime!

Building from two team entries last year, this year we are planning to enter up to 6 senior teams into the WA RobocupJr competition. We have an all-girls squad, deep into preparation for the open Maze event. They are building and programming their robot “Daffy” to navigate and ‘rescue’ within a complex maze and are up against high-school students. We also have 3 teams trying to be ready to represent CPS in the Line Rescue event, and finally, we have a couple of first-time entries into the on-stage, novice competition. For the on-stage competition, teams have to build, accessorise and choreograph a routine in which both robots and students perform on stage in front of a live audience.

The RoboCupJr finals will be held on Friday of Week 2, Term 3. We look forward to seeing how we go then!

I would like to congratulate all students who have shown great persistence in a very challenging situation this year. The level of skill development has been impressive, and it has been great to see the teamwork improve throughout the year.

Mr Johnson

  • Year 3/4 – CPS Robo-Showdown – Thursday Week 11 (1/7) Lunchtime – CPS Undercover Area
  • Year 5/6 – RoboCupJr – Friday Week 2, Term 3 (30/7) – Curtin University