Cross Country 2021

What a fantastic day we had for the CPS Cross Country on Wednesday 20 May. The sun was shining and all the students of CPS that competed showed great RESILIENCE and RESPECT. Thank you to everyone who helped with the organisation and running of the event. Mr Howesmith for the announcing and great music, the Sports Captains and our year 6 students for their various duties throughout the day, the STEAM Team for the wonderful photography throughout the day, and to the whole staff of CPS who all came together to make things run smoothly. A massive thank-you to the wider CPS community for their continued support of everything at CPS.

Year Level Champions;

PP Boys PP Girls
Champion: Gordon G – Cowan Champion: Zadie N – Cowan
2nd Place: Christopher F – Cowan 2nd Place: Lola N – Curtin
3rd Place Jordan L – Forrest 3rd Place: Zara R – Forrest
Year 1 Boys Year 1 Girls
Champion: Louis M – Cowan Champion: Olivia Z – Cowan
2nd Place: Jai G – Cowan 2nd Place: Jessica C – Stirling
3rd Place Oliver A – Curtin 3rd Place: Zoe B – Stirling

Year 2 Boys Year 2 Girls
Champion: Konrad N – Stirling Champion: Eleanor – Cowan
2nd Place: Jack M – Stirling 2nd Place Jesinta A – Forrest
3rd Place Hal H – Forrest 3rd Place: Emilia B – Curtin

Year 3 Boys Year 3 Girls
Champion: Benjamin W – Stirling Champion: Abbey W – Stirling
2nd Place: Matthew F – Cowan 2nd Place: Rhyse T – Cowan
3rd Place Emmett B – Cowan 3rd Place: Mila L – Forrest

Year 4 Boys Year 4 Girls
Champion: Brendan G – Forrest Champion: Aarvi D – Stirling
2nd Place: Drew R – Cowan 2nd Place: Chloe M-Cowan
3rd Place: James D – Curtin 3rd Place: Emelyn R – Forrest

Year 5 Boys Year 5 Girls
Champion: Angus P – Stirling Champion: Olivia D – Curtin
2nd Place: Hugh M – Forrest 2nd Place: Ryleigh H – Stirling
3rd Place Cameron H – Forrest 3rd Place: Aarushi C – Stirling

Year 6 Boys Year 6 Girls
Champion: Taksheel K- Stirling Champion: Jessica M – Cowan
2nd Place: Hudson P – Stirling 2nd Place: Jade T – Forrest
3rd Place Alex E – Forrest 3rd Place: Klara T – Cowan

Overall Points:

Curtin – 496
Stirling – 696
Forrest – 744
Cowan – 800