Cross Country

What a glorious day we had on Friday 8 June for the running of our year 4-6 races.  All the teachers were impressed with the effort and resilience shown by all the students competing.  The cross country is designed to challenge students both physically and mentally. Huge thank you to all the parents who continue to show up and cheer on, not only their own child but all the children. Congratulations to all those kids that competed and by the looks on your faces you had a lot of fun.

Congratulations to the following students for their exceptional efforts;
Year 4 Boys    Champion – Ming G – Cowan
2nd place – Liam B – Stirling
3rd place – Lachlan N – Curtin
4th place – William L – Curtin

Year 5 Girls     Champion – Jamiee B – Cowan
2nd place – Lily-Ella T – Cowan
3rd place – Kayla C – Curtin
4th place – Miranda S – Cowan

Year 5 Boys    Champion – Oscar D – Forrest
2nd place – Beau K – Forrest
3rd place – Alex C – Stirling
4th place – Daniel M – Forrest

Year 6 Girls     Champion – Lauren M – Curtin
2nd place – Jana R – Cowan
3rd place – Eimer B – Stirling
4th place – Lucy S – Stirling

Year 6 Boys    Champion – Jacob L – Curtin
2nd place – Remy P – Stirling
3rd place – Dominic S – Forrest
4th place – Lucas M – Cowan