Cross Walk Safety – Pearson Street Crossing

With our school situated on an extremely busy road, it is imperative that we as a community continue to discuss and practice safety when navigating these potentially dangerous areas.

Our fantastic crosswalk attendants play a vital role in both guiding us across our roads and teaching us how to do this safely. We have recently been provided some feedback on using the crosswalks so please read below to make sure we are using them as intended, especially on the busy Pearson Street crosswalk.

Pearson St Crosswalk

  1. Wait for the whistle from attendant.
  2. Walk (not ride if on your bike) to the MIDDLE island of the road. DO NOT CONTINUE THROUGH TO THE OTHER CARRIAGEWAY
  3. Stop and wait for a second whistle on the MIDDLE island.
  4. Walk to the final edge of the road.
  5. Don’t forget to thank the crosswalk attendant!

Thank you for ensuring we keep our kids (and us) safe on the way to school. If you do see some community members not following our road rules, please support them by kindly sharing the process.

Kind Regards

The CPS Team