Digital Technologies Report – BEBRAS Results and Scitech Challenge

2023 BEBRAS Challenge

Back in term 3, students from years 3 to 6 undertook the 2023 BEBRAS challenge round 2, as part of the annual CPS Digital Technologies program. While it is a global challenge for anyone interested, in testing students’ ability to problem-solve in a digital context and apply computational thinking, we use the competition as a way to both celebrate our students’ knowledge and learning in this area and also as a school-wide measurement for our program. Find out more about the actual challenge here

Like most years, CPS students accounted for themselves very well, with a proportionately high number of students in the top ranks of the competition. Congratulations to all students who received a certificate at last week’s assembly for their efforts. A very big congratulations also goes to Cameraon C from room 16 and Jacob L from room 10 for making the Honour Roll. Honour Roll students obtained a perfect score (135) in the challenge! Unbelievable effort!

Scitech Challenge

The winners of the CPS Term 3 STEAM Week Design Challenge got their chance to visit Scitech last week as part of their reward for winning our annual competition. Our Year 5 girls took their place in the 2023 Scitech Challenge Day, which put them through their paces in a number of STEAM disciplines. The theme of the challenge day was animal migration (and how humans have impacted this), and along the way, the team was required to answer mathematics problems, design and prototype sound buffers, town plan, and complete a quiz after watching an amazing show in the planetarium! The girls were up to the task and performed brilliantly during the day, and we were surprised we did not come away with any prizes! Unfortunately, no chocolates this time, but very well done, girls!

On Tuesday, a group of eight year 3 and 4s had their own fun day at Scitech for winning their division last term. Even though there is no inter-school competition for this age group, the students really enjoyed themselves as they explored all Scitech had to offer while also participating in some relevant and engaging challenges. Throughout the day, on top of a heap of time exploring the floor, students learned how the Earth came to be through the planetarium. We learned about biomimicry in a live science show and challenged our selves to save returning astronauts by designing a craft that could withstand the impact of falling from the sky! Feedback from students was great, and I hope this encourages a new crop of students to try their hand during STEAM week next year.

Mr Johnson