EALD English as an Additional Language or Dialect  Week 9

Wow! Our Harmony Flowers canvas is finished and it looks amazing! Bravo to all students involved in this project. Did you see some of our Churchlands kids in The Post newspaper? Also, lots of pictures were posted on Seesaw of students in action making their flowers bloom. Hearing the conversations of the students discussing their culture and family stories was as beautiful as the canvas. I am so proud of you all! I hope you enjoyed looking at the progress photos in the last newsletter and reading all about it! If you are walking past the front office, make sure you take a glance at the beautiful canvas on display.  

A few families have asked about the artist Fiona Bryce-Fasolo – check out Art Kids on the Hill on Facebook. She has some amazing holiday workshops. We thank her again for her collaboration and artistic skills on this project.  

With holidays here soon, I will share a few easy ideas on how to keep using English skills.  

  1. Read EVERY day. Read aloud to a parent. Talk about the story.   
  2. Write a holiday diary. Turn everyday events into a vocabulary rich environment. Brainstorm nouns, verbs, adjectives. Write a simple recount or narrative. 
  3. Prepare a mini-speech about something you have done or persuade someone to agree to something you would like to do!  
  4. Extend English skills in everyday activities – cooking, shopping, using money, telling the time, going to the park. Get involved with extending your child’s language when they are playing; by asking questions and having fun with role plays, drawing, lego building, and other toys.  

Best wishes

Mrs Key