(English as an Additional Language / Dialect)

(English as a Second Language)

The holidays are near and it’s a great opportunity to explore your local library for some new books. One of the most beneficial ways to support your child’s progress is to read with them and encourage them to read to you also. Reading still remains one of the most powerful tools to increase vocabulary range, content understanding and writing skills. As well, it can be very entertaining and enjoyable.   

Reading is not only saying the words on the page. It is about improving decoding skills, building fluency (with pace, volume, expression), and comprehending the text. Talk about the story and pictures. Remember this can be done in your home language or English. Discuss the text with your child and ask questions about the story, pictures, characters, setting and events.  

Students who speak another language may find revisiting a story for a second or third time, assists in improving their reading fluency and understanding. It’s great to keep a note of new vocabulary that can later be used in discussions or writing.  

This is an interesting article I’ve shared in the past regarding shared reading: https://theconversation.com/if-you-can-only-do-one-thing-for-your-children-it-should-be-shared-reading-95146 

Happy reading and happy holidays! 

Mrs Key