The summer holidays are in sight! Here are some ideas for what you can do to maintain your child’s English communication skills during the long break:

  • Encourage your child to write and draw a holiday diary. Perhaps send a letter to someone. A new notebook or journal is a wonderful gift.  
  • Find a picture in a magazine or collect a brochure or postcard. Brainstorm words and write or talk about it. 
  • Act out a play, create a concert, make a speech. Many children love performing to an audience and adore their family watching them. This builds confidence with speaking and listening.  
  • Plan a mealtime where you only speak English. The next occasion only speak in your home language. Remember it is important to maintain both languages. Read aloud to your child. Encourage your child to read books aloud in English to you, then discuss the story in your home language.  
  • Stick post-it notes around your home! This is a cheap and easy way to remember words and to recall them quickly when you return to school. 
  • Collect little objects – either at home, at the beach or at the park. Talk about what you found.  
  • Play board games, challenge someone to a card game, meet for play dates, enjoy the beautiful outside! 
  • Read, read, read! Talk, talk, talk! 

Happy holidays! 

Mrs Sasha Key