EALD News (English as an Additional Language/Dialect) Term 2 Week 3

When your child is building their English skills, we usually focus on reading and writing, however, it is also very important to develop numeracy skills and maths vocabulary. Knowing and understanding the language of maths can support your child in building relevant numeracy skills for daily life. 

You can support your child in building their maths vocabulary by making meaningful and relevant connections with maths in everyday situations. Cooking, shopping, comparing shapes and measurements, telling the time etc. Families who speak another language at home can do this in both English and their home language. Remember, it is not just about counting and doing sums – using the language of maths and problem-solving are essential. 

Please click on the following article which shows some simple and effective ideas:  

Eleven games and activities for parents to encourage maths in early learning (theconversation.com)