EALD News – Term 4 Week 7 

Many members of our community recently celebrated Diwali. Monday 13th November signified the start of the Hindu New Year. Diwali is often called the Festival of Lights as it illuminates hearts and homes, spreading the message of friendship and togetherness. This is a time of hope and wishes, sharing knowledge and celebrating success. We hope that families enjoyed this time, reflecting on positives and progress.  

The end of term four is also an opportunity to reflect and acknowledge the growth of our students who have English as their additional language. Eligible students will receive Progress Map levels on their end of year reports. These levels assist teachers to teach, support, monitor and assess students. It is important to note the levels are quite broad, and students may take time to achieve and consolidate every aspect of the level they are working in. I am pleased that so many students are making positive progress and are motivated to improve their listening, speaking, reading and writing skills, as well as their confidence in communication.   


Kind regards,  

Sasha Key   

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