Harmony Day – Harmony Arch

Churchlands Primary School invites you to contribute to our HARMONY ARCH

To symbolise the rich cultural diversity of our school community, we invite each and every member of our school to contribute.

WHEN: Starting next week on Monday 15 March.

WHERE: The arch can be found at the front of the school near Rm 1.

WHAT: Bring a scrap of material or ribbon that is reflective of your culture – perhaps a ribbon, scarf, a tie, a strip of an old cultural dress, a footy sock/sports scarf/old tee, colours representing your country… EXTRA! Wear/add orange to your uniform on Tuesday 16. (Ribbons, socks, tee shirt)

WHY: We are all different but can work together to create something beautiful. Tie a ribbon or weave material through the arch. As you walk through, consider it as a gateway to learning at our school and that everyone is welcome. Some fabric scraps will be available.