Help Jordan with her Qhubeka quest!

Help Jordan on her quest to raise awareness and money for the Qhubeka project.

Qhubeka was founded in 2005. We chose the name, which means “to progress”, “to move forward”, because bicycles help people to travel faster and further, and to carry more. This means they can get where they need to go and do things that are difficult without transport, like fetching supplies, travelling to school or work, visiting a clinic, or providing emergency help after a disaster. A bicycle is a tool that helps people move forward.

Jordan is working towards her goals by running a ‘Ride to School’ day on Friday the 26th of October and participating in the ’50K 4 Qhubeka’ on Saturday the 27th of October where she will be raising funds to support her 7 laps of Herdsman Lake.

To support Jordan by participating in the ‘Ride to School’ day next Friday, get your bike ready, get your safety equipment ready, plan your journey and donate! All participating students will be entered into the raffle to win a new helmet! To join Jordan by actually riding along side her on the 50K 4 Qhubeka, please follow the link to register.

Donate by going to this website:

Sign up for the ride by going to this website: