Inaugural CPS Rainbow Lapathon

The P&C are very excited to announce we will be holding our first ever Rainbow Lapathon this term!

The event will take place on Thursday 15th August at 2pm on the school oval.

As in previous years this will be a fundraising event where students are sponsored for the number of laps they complete. However, this year we will have colour stations and fun obstacles along the way for added excitement.

The colour stations will involve the children having a safe nontoxic coloured powder made from cornflour and food colouring thrown at them. There will be water obstacles along the way to help the colour stick to the t-shirts.

Parents, caregivers and family members are welcome to come down and watch the fun. However, we ask that non-school aged siblings are to be supervised at all times off the course for safety reasons.

What students should wear and bring

Please be aware clothing worn will get stained!

  • White t-shirt to get coloured
  • Old shorts and shoes (please note footwear may get stained)
  • Sunglasses or swimming googles as eye protection
  • Face scarf/bandana/face mask (optional if preferred)
  • Old towel (for drying off and protecting car seat on the way home)
  • Old sun hat

Students should come to school wearing their white t-shirt and old clothes for the Rainbow Lapathon. Children are not allowed to wear their school uniform (including school hat).

The P&C will have white t-shirts available for purchase for $5 each at the pre-primary cake stall on Friday 2 August.

Safety Considerations

Please be aware that while the colour powder is non-toxic and gluten free, it is not pleasant if inhaled. This may be of concern to students with asthma and allergies. Therefore, we will be implementing several safety precautions on the day.

  • Only designated adult volunteers will be able to throw the coloured powder and they have been instructed to throw it below the shoulder.
  • There will be bypass points at each colour station (marked by cones) which can be used by any students who don’t wish powder to be thrown at them.
  • Students with allergies and/or asthma should wear a dark coloured t-shirt to indicate they should NOT be touched with the powder. They can still participate by running in the bypass zones.
  • Sunglasses or swimming googles should be worn to prevent powder getting into students’ eyes.
  • Students worried about inhaling the powder can wear a scarf, bandana or face mask to cover their nose and mouth.


The sponsorship form for the Rainbow Lapathon is attached with this notice.  Children are encouraged to seek sponsorship from family and friends for the number of laps that they complete. We request that children do not door knock. For every $5 raised, students will go in the draw for a chance to win something from our amazing prize raffle. The prize draw will be held on the last day of term 3. As in previous years, first prize will be a $300 bicycle voucher!

Should you have any concerns or questions regarding this event please contact P&C Vice President, Rochelle Swan, or 0437358908.

Many thanks for your support of this P&C fundraising initiative. All funds raised from this event will go towards installing fans in the undercover area and upgrading the air-conditioning in the junior block.

If you want more info, check out these videos!