Lapathon 2022

Last Friday we were absolutely blessed to have the sun shine through for the 2022 Lapathon! It was another fantastic event, so well planned and organised by our amazing P & C, where our students not only got to raise money for the school but have an awesome time while doing it!

It was great to see so many legs descked out in all the colours of the rainbow for the crazy sock theme and brilliant to see so many laps being run! In the end we totalled over 9200 laps!!! Unbelievable. Mr Marshall was very impressed by both the running and fashion!

The lapathon could not have been so very successful without some hard work so a very big thank you to all involved. First and major thanks go to the P & C, specifically the year 2 group, for the many hours of preparation. Thank you to the teachers for assisting on the day, especially Mr Marshal for MC’ing and Mr Howesmith for providing the tunes. And finally thank you to the students and their families for putting in their best in both physical effort, and financial support! It was another fantastic team effort!