Library News – Term 2 Week 3

Golden tickets 

The start to the term has been filled with fun in the library with the hunt for ‘Mrs Johnson’s Golden Tickets’ commencing. The tickets have been placed in books that have not been borrowed for an extended period, with the hope that this will encourage students to branch out and perhaps choose a book that isn’t wildly coveted by their peers! 


The Premier’s Reading Challenge 

The Premiers Reading Challenge for 2024 will also be kicking off on the 6th May. It will run over an 18 week period and finish on the 6th September.  

Students, from Kindergarten to Year 10, are encouraged to participate and uncover great mysteries through the world of books and reading. 

The challenge is to log 12 or more book titles that you’ve read during the challenge. 

Each week, students who log their reading achievements go in the draw to win a prize. There are more than 110 awesome prizes for students to win. 

The weekly prizes celebrate the student’s efforts in the challenge and provide encouragement to continue to improve their literacy skills as well as their enjoyment of reading. 

Some of the 2024 weekly prizes include: 

  • books 
  • Crocs vouchers 
  • Australian Geographic vouchers 
  • headphones 
  • vouchers 
  • kindles 
  • Frank Green water bottles 
  • headphones 
  • Nintendo Switches. 

For students to be in the draw to win weekly prizes: 

👉 read a book 

👉 log the book in their account on our website 

👉 they’re in the draw to win! 

It is that easy, and with 18 weeks of the challenge there’s a lot to be won. 

Create their reading challenge account, start reading and log what they read. 


This challenge is completed at home and is parent led, so please get on board and visit to set up an account to join the reading challenge for your chance to win!