Look what has been happening in the Art Studio this term

Yellagonga Noongar, Ngoorgenboro (Herdsman Lake) käip(water) and Djerup (Birds)- Telling story through art 

PALS Screen Completed and installed 

We are a recipient of the Partnership, Learning, Acceptance and Sharing (PALS) funding and we were awarded $1500 per year for a two-year period (2022 and 2023) – a total of $3000 (not including GST) to create an original design with our students for a laser cut screen, that relates to the Yellagonga Noongar connection to the water, wildlife, country and all our shared connection to the environment. using our children’s unique designs.   

This screen has been installed to protect the drink fountain from the hot afternoon sun.  

In 2022 school students enjoyed a plan by Yirra Yaakin Theatre Company perform their latest play, Bilya Kaatijin (which means “Fresh Water Knowledge” in Noongar). Characters in the play demonstrated the importance of fresh water to all living things.  

Using this Aboriginal Performance as a springboard, year five and six students studied the local bird life and plants drawn to Ngoorgenboro’s natural water hole. as studies for drawing and design. The drawings and mark making tell a story and we developed the children’s art into a design to be laser cut into sheet metal making this unique sunscreen.  

Although the 2022-year sixes were the main contributors to the final screen, the whole school completed artworks related to the project.  We have created a bespoke art installation for everyone to enjoy. 

Book Week 

Illustrator and author Peter Cheong shared his passion for illustration and storytelling during Book Week with students in the art studio.  

Art Sparks encouraging art fun with the Pre-primary students during lunch on Wednesdays. 

Art Raffle Winners Jump for joy on Thursdays after getting their prizes. 

Year six students are helping paint the backdrops and make some of the props for their up and coming Musical, Porridge. 

Term three is flying by and I look forward to welcoming you to view some of the amazing art our young artists have been creating in the Art Studio during the Learning Journey at the end of the term. 

Many thanks for your support, 

Melinda Cockerill