NAPLAN Online is again scheduled for Term 1 this year with our students and teachers in Years 3 and 5 already in preparation for the national assessment between the 13th and 18th of March. (Weeks 7 & 8).

For parents interested, there is a public demonstration website available to students to familiarise themselves with the NAPLAN Online platform. Students in years 3 and 5 will begin practising on this website at school in the coming weeks.

The NAPLAN INFORMATION FOR CARERS AND PARENTS has been sent home and can also be found below.

At this stage, parents of children in years 3 and 5 need to begin technical preparations. This includes:

Years 3 & 5

Year 5 only

  • CPS provide keyboards that connect to all iPads with a lightning input (old Apple cords). If your child’s iPad has the new, universal input – it is advised to organise a keyboard that works with this input (or Bluetooth)

Please note that if you cannot meet any of the technical requirements listed above, contact your child’s teacher, or Luke Johnson, Deputy Principal to arrange the use of school equipment.

Further details, including a more detailed timetable, will be communicated in the week 5 newsletter.