NETBALL – Teachers vs Students

On Tuesday we witnessed a long term rivalry re-ignite when the Year 6 students took on the might of the CPS staff in a ‘friendly’ game of mixed netball. The weather put on a treat, and with hundreds of enthused and excited fans lining the court, both teams were feeling confident going in.

The atmosphere was electric with much vocal support for both teams, accompanied by a fantastic live commentary by the students.

Although fiercely competitive, the experience (and hunger for the win) of the teachers was a little too hot to handle for the year 6s and although they mounted a late charge, piling on points towards the end of the game, it was never meant to be for the students.

The final score was 17-6, with the teachers taking the win, however the real winners were everyone who played a part, spectators included, as it was highly entertaining and awesome fun to be a part of.

Special thanks to our umpires Ms Thompson and Jordan for keeping everyone in line (literally) and making sure we all had some good clean fun. Don’t forget students, there is always next year!