Newsletter – Volume 6 – 14/5/2021

The NAPLAN has gone extremely smoothly this week! Huge thanks need to go to Mr J for ensuring everything was well organised and ready to go on Tuesday. The children took to the assessments with a wonderfully positive outlook, like it was just another day in the classroom. Big congratulations to staff and parents for your obvious positive influence with this.


Enrolments for Kindergarten and Pre-Primary are now open!! Please remember to get your enrolments in for 2022. We would appreciate it if you could spread the word to any new parents in our community to enrol their Kindy children.


WA Education Awards 2021

’Our outstanding teachers, principals, deputy principals, and school support staff in Western Australian public schools, provide a world-class education to every student in every classroom, every day.

They come from all walks of life to bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to our schools and classrooms. They are leaders in educational innovation and reform. They see the potential in every child, aspiring to give students a pathway to a successful future and help them grow from strength to strength.’

If you would like to nominate a CPS staff member for these awards please contact the P & C president or the School Board Chair as they are the delegated persons able to submit the nomination on your behalf.

These links will provide you with an overview of the WA Education Awards 2021

WA Education Awards

We continually review our communication with staff, School Board and the P & C to ensure we can reduce and streamline the volume and align our messages that go out to our community.

So that you are aware of our clear communication, we have

·         Skoolbag – for all school operational information i.e.: excursion notes and consent forms, information about swimming carnivals, music events, etc.

·         Seesaw – for all classroom communications

·         Webpage – which contains a wide range of information and documentation

 We have also streamlined our newsletter so that there are now links that go direct to the webpage.

The P & C have also streamlined the Chatter which will now go out every 4 weeks. This will be sent out via Skoolbag via a link that will direct you to the webpage.

If you have not already done so, please join Skoolbag to ensure you receive all current notices.

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