PBS Celebration Day 2022

Last Friday, Churchlands Primary had their first PBS Celebration day and it was just awesome! 

The day celebrated all the positive success CPS has had over the last year implementing the PBS framework.  

A big thanks must go to all the students for working hard to show ‘The Churchlands Way’ every day, through showing Respect, demonstrating Resilience, and engaging and excelling in their learning.  

Another big thanks to all staff for their support and positive enthusiasm in the implementation of the PBS Framework.  

The day was full of exciting things, students got to participate in a fun CLUBS activity of their choice, supported the teacher vs students game at lunchtime and had a whole school celebration of extra lunch with an icy pole!

We would like to introduce our new PBS Visuals. The PBS Team worked with Jason from KaboomToons to come up with the fun and relatable designs. 

Keep an eye out at the start of next year for more info and a competition about our new PBS Visuals!