PBS (Positive Behaviour Support) Update T1 Week 5

The PBS framework comprises 7 components. This year CPS are focusing on components 3 and 4.  

3. Teaching Expected Behaviour- to develop and implement a whole school social behaviour curriculum with a schedule of PBS behaviour lessons. Teach behaviour skills like academic skills. 

–  All students are regularly taught behaviour lessons based on the school matrix using PBS lesson format. 

–  All staff actively and regularly teach and review behaviours lessons 

–  Schedule whole school events  e.g.  Assemblies to reinforce the teaching of expected  behaviours. 

4. Encouraging Expected Behaviour-To develop a continuum of encouragement strategies used by all staff with all students in all settings. 

–  Develop a menu of strategies  to encourage and acknowledge expected behaviours.  

We have kicked off 2022 with our first PBS focus skill- We use manners and speak with kindness. This is a way that we show RESPECT.  

All classes have begun explicitly teaching the expected behaviour through resources made by the PBS team. The whole school is encouraging expected behaviour through ‘Class Dojo’.  Classes are working hard to get to 500 points for a  class reward of extra recess. Specialist teachers are also using Dojos and there are PBS tokens used in the playground for acknowledging the expected behaviours. 

‘Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible’ Dalai Lama  

Lucy McNamara 

PBS Team Leader