PBS Update Term 2 Week 9

The final focus for this term is We do our best and participate in all activities. 

Students have referenced the latest Bluey episode ‘Cricket’ when Rusty keeps trying and practices his cricket skills frequently to reach his personal best. 

It is important to remember that everyone’s best looks different and that is okay.   

Restorative Practice  

At Churchlands Primary School, we use Restorative Practices to assist teachers, students and parents to build, maintain and restore relationships. This helps to build the student’s capacity to self-regulate behaviour and contributes to the improvement of learning outcomes. 

At school, we explicitly teach the CPS expected behaviour and when students make a choice that is not in line with what is expected, we assist them to reflect on their behaviour, using a Reflection Sheet’. This process engages students in a restorative conversation, encouraging reflection and restoring any damage to relationships. Examples of questions that are used to facilitate the conversation; 

 What happened? 

  • What were you thinking at the time? 
  • What have you thought about since? 
  • Who has been affected by what you have done? 
  • In what way have they been affected? 
  • What would you do differently next time? 

Following the CPS Positive Behaviour Policy, parents are informed when their child has completed a reflection sheet. To support this process, we request that parents discuss the behaviour and think sheet with their child and reinforce the expected behaviour. Collaboration between school and home and the consistency of positive behaviour conversations is essential for improved outcomes for all students. 

Here are the examples of the Junior K-2 and Senior 3-6 Reflection Sheet