PBS Update – Weeks 5 & 6

Week 5 & 6 Focus Skill- We are organised and We are punctual.  

You may like to discuss with your child/children what can they do at home to help them be organised for school.  

We are teaching the importance of organisation to help students succeed at school. Taking responsibility for their belongings and being on time for school. 

In other news, we had an exciting announcement at Assembly last Friday with the reveal of our new whole school acknowledgment system. 

Classes that reach 500 dojo points and over earn a dojo ball that is then placed into the whole school bucket – We are all working together to fill the bucket so we can have a whole school reward. 

Great work to the following classes, who earnt their first Dojo ball! 

PP1  Room 1     ​ 

Room 4      Room 5       Room 6 ​ 

Room 7      Room 8     Room 9  ​ 

Room 10     Room 11    Room 12  Room 13 ​ 

Room 14  Room 16 Room 17