Athletics Carnival and other PE News

It was a great three days of competition, and the ‘Churchlands Way’ was shown by all the Churchlands community, throughout.  We had some wonderful weather for two of our days, but we were hampered by a big downpour prior to our middle-distance races on Tuesday.  With the slight change in schedule (pushing the races to later in the day), it didn’t stop the students from participating and doing their best. 

Congratulations to all CPS students for “being awesome” and showing great sportsmanship in all areas.  

A massive thank-you must go to our Sports Captains who did a marvellous job, co-ordinating with the teachers in organising their events. There would have been a few tired captains on Thursday!!  

Thank you to Mr Howesmith who always produces the goods with music and his PA announcements. The STEAM Team and the Music Team were at their very best producing a great atmosphere and capturing those special moments.   

Thank you to the wider Churchlands community for their continued support in everything that we do at CPS. I cannot forget our wonderful staff at CPS who were involved in making this event so successful. 

Congratulations to Cowan for taking out the 2023 Athletics Carnival. 

Cowan 3,280 

Forrest 2,999 

Curtin 2,470 

Stirling 2,427 


Congratulations to our overall champions for their awesome efforts across the two days of competition. 

Year Level Champions; 

Year 1 Boys Year 1 Girls 

Champion: Harvey J – Cown – 75 Champion: Holly T – Forr – 63 

Runner – up: Sunny B – Curt – 57 Runner-up: Ava H – Cown – 61 

Year 2 Boys Year 2 Girls 

Champion: Gordon G – Cown – 77 Champion: Zara R – Forr – 75 

Runner-up: Oliver C – Curt – 50 Runner-up: Anna M – Cown – 55  

Year 3 Boys Year 3 Girls 

Champion: Declan R – Forr – 58 Champion: Jessica C – Stir – 59   

Runner-up: Jayce R – Forr – 57 Runner-up:    Anna Y – Cown – 57   

Year 4 Boys Year 4 Girls 

Champion: Archer B – Cown – 69 Champion: Jesinta A – Forr – 77 

Runner-up: Adam H – Curt – 66 Runner-up: Eve N – Cown – 67 

Year 5 Boys Year 5 Girls 

Champion: Emmett B – Cown -66 Champion: Zoey G – Cown – 63 

Runner-up: Matthew T – 63 Runner-up: Abbey W – Stir – 86 

Year 6 Boys Year 6 Girls 

Champion: Zane T – Forr – 69 Champion: Chloe McD – Curt – 59 

Runner – up: Oberon M – Stir – 62 Runner-up: Chloe McL – Cown – 56 

Points for our overall champions are awarded for ALL FOUR EVENTS: sprint race, middle distance race, long jump and throwing events.  Points are allocated for the position they finish in that event.  The points for this year’s carnival are as follows; 1st – 20, 2nd-17, 3rd – 15, 4th-14, 5th-13, 6th-12, 7th-11, 8th-10, 9th-9, 10th-8, 11th-7, 12th-6, 13th-5, 14th-4, 15th– 3, 16th-2, 17th and onwards 1 point. 

The medallions are awarded to those students with the most points, not the most 1st or 2nd places.  In some cases, there may be some students who excelled in 3 of the 4 events but struggled in their 4th.  Whereas another student may have been consistent across all four and accumulated more points.  If you do have an issue with this scoring system, please let me know or alternatively if you know of a more fairer way of allocating points to all students, please do not hesitate to let me know  

Interschool Athletics Carnival – Wednesday 13 September, Churchlands Primary School 

When: Wednesday 13 September (week 9), 9:30am- 2:30pm 

Where: Churchlands Primary School 

 Congratulations to all those students who have been selected to represent Churchlands Primary School at the upcoming Interschool Athletics Carnival in week 9. All relevant information, regarding the carnival will be sent via Audriri to those involved, during week 6. A reminder that this event is for year 3-6 students only, and participation for individual events, were chosen through the results at the recent CPS Athletics Carnival. Tactic Ball teams are put together in consultation with classroom teachers, with our PBS focuses the area high on the selection criteria.