PE News – Term 2 Week 5

Cross Country 2024 

The CPS Cross Country event was a resounding success! The perfect weather added to the atmosphere. It’s great to see students embodying the CPS values of resilience, respect, engage, and excel. Events like these not only promote physical health but also foster a sense of community and teamwork. Kudos to Mr Howesmith for his efforts in organising the music, the sports captains and year 6 students for their contributions, and the STEAM Team for capturing the day’s moments so beautifully. And of course, a big round of applause to the entire staff for their coordination and dedication. Community support is invaluable in making such events possible, so hats off to the wider CPS community for their continued encouragement and involvement! 

 Year Level Champions. 

PP Boys                                                             PP Girls 

Champion: Tristan S – Curtin                         Champion: Emma F – Stirling 

Runner-up: Henry L – Forrest                        Runner-up: Rosie H – Stirling 

Year 1 Boys                                                       Year 1 Girls 

Champion: Leo W – Stirling                            Champion: Alba B – Cowan 

Runner-up: Ashton D – Forrest                     Runner-up: Ella W – Forrest 

Year 2 Boys                                                       Year 2 Girls 

Champion: Harvey J – Cowan                        Champion: Holly T – Forrest 

Runner-up: Alastair L– Forrest                     Runner-up: Nella B – Stirling  

Year 3 Boys                                                      Year 3 Girls 

Champion: Gordon G – Cowan                     Champion: Zara R – Forrest 

Runner-up: William W – Forrest                    Runner-up: Anna M – Cowan 

Year 4 Boys                                                      Year 4 Girls 

Champion: Miles S – Cowan                          Champion: Mathilde P – Forrest 

Runner-up: Jordan S – Curtin                        Runner-up: Millie O – Forrest 

Year 5 Boys                                                      Year 5 Girls 

Champion: Archie B – Cowan                        Champion: Jesinta A – Forrest 

Runner-up: William S – Cowan                      Runner-up: Zara G – Forrest 

Year 6 Boys                                                       Year 6 Girls 

Champion: Emmett B – Cowan                      Champion: Mila L – Forrest 

Runner-up: Jake O – Cowan                           Runner-up: Zoe G – Cowan 

Spirit Awards Winners 

The spirit awards are presented to students who showed the ‘Churchlands Way’ throughout the cross-country day.   

Congratulations to the following students who received a spirit award for the cross country; 

Cowan – Hayden L & Lewis B 

Curtin – Max B & Alex K 

Forrest – Hunter H & Evie M 

Stirling – Evie C & Fleur C 

Overall Points. 

Stirling – 380 

Curtin – 463 

Forrest – 600 

Cowan – 639 

Congratulations to Cowan, who has gone four in a row in the cross country, winning the last four events. 

Interschool Cross Country 

The interschool cross country is scheduled for Wednesday 19 June and is for our year 3 – 6 students ONLY.  The team is made up of students who finished in places 1-6 in their race at the Churchlands PS cross country.  All notes have gone home to those students, if you believe your child should have received a note but they have not, can you please contact Mr Marshall at . All the other relevant information for this event will be sent out via Audiri. 

Running Club 

For new families to Churchlands PS, running club is where students run laps around the oval earning points for their faction. Exercising in the mornings has many health benefits and is a great way to start the day.  

Some benefits include:  

  • improved physical and mental energy,   
  • a better night’s sleep,   
  • reach your fitness goals,  
  • enhance your metabolism.    


A reminder that mugs for Milo need to be placed on the table outside the undercover area before 8.25 am.  Milo is an acknowledgement of the effort put in during running club.   

It is encouraged that students need to run at least 5 laps to get a Milo. Turning up late won’t allow enough time to get 5 laps done.     

Can you please click on the link and fill in the attached form, so Mr Marshall can organise your QR code card before your first running club. Kids of all ages are welcome to join in the fun, that is running club.  Remember to bring your QR code to every running club.  

Interschool Winter Sports 

CPS had their first fixture for 2024 against City Beach down at City Beach PS.  A great start to the Eagle’s Cup with all the teams showing their potential moving forward in the competition.  Three weeks of competition are still coming up, so if you are free on Friday afternoons, come down and support our year 5 & 6 students. 

CPS will be competing on the following dates. 

Week 6 – Friday 24 May vs Wembley Downs at Wembley Downs PS 

Week 8 – Friday 7 June vs West Leederville at Churchlands PS 

Week 9 – Friday 14 June vs Kapinara, Woodlands and Floreat Park – Netball B and soccer at Woodlands PS and AFL football and netball A at Floreat Park PS.