RoboShowDown 2021

On Thursday 22 July, the year 3 and 4s participating in the semester 1 Coder Dojo class took part in the third CPS RoboShowdown! There were many students cheering the teams on in the undercover area with much excitement and nervous energy in the air. 

The competition was the climax of a semester of learning how to code our Photon robots to complete various tasks. Our teams put in many hours of work preparing for the event and it was great to see all of that hard work result in a very exciting and tight final comp.

It was the toughest robot maze to date, with teams faced with some tough choices in how to accumulate as many points as they could. 

Congratulations to the winners on the day, ‘Goody Treasure Collector’ programmed by Benji and Ethan who took out the first place prize this year. Honourable mentions go to Rachel and Sophia who coded ‘RoboStar 891’ who came second and team ‘Mr Macaroni Cheese’ consisting of Kriday, Sammick, Lenny, Josh and Tysen who came third.

It was an extremely close competition and mentions also have to be made to the other teams – ‘Robo’ (Aarna, Carol and Tallula) who worked hard all semester and had the disadvantage of having to go first, and get appointed a difficult starting position, and team ‘Lil’ Jimmy’ (Jessie, Kelly, Aarvi and Abby) who were one of our front running teams all year, and were in the lead with only moments to go, but were hit with a penalty which ultimately brought the score down.

Thank you to all of the students who was great to see you learn so much about coding and teamwork and I want to thank you all for your dedication this year.