Room 6 Visit from CSIRO

On the 1st May, Room 6 was lucky enough to be visited by a geologist, named Jess.

The CSIRO helps connect scientists willing to volunteer, and teachers, in what is called a partnership. Jess and I have worked together to establish what we want our CPS Room 6 partnership to be. Our aim is that Jess will visit us for a session each term to enhance the Science strand being covered, hear about what a real scientist does and be inspired to strive towards working in STEAM fields.

On Jess’s first visit, she brought rocks for us to look at, and talked about renewable energy, working/camping in the bush and being environmentally and heritage responsible. The kids loved it so much they were hanging around after the bell to ask Jess more questions. Many even said “I want to be a scientist when I grow up”

Thank you to CSIRO for assisting in creating this partnership and a huge thank you to Jess for volunteering her time to prepare activities and visit us. We can’t wait to see her again later this term.

Kerrin Marginis

Class Teacher

Room 6