Safer Internet Day 2022

Last Friday. Churchlands Primary School participated in WA’s Safer Internet Day. We joined over 100 other schools from around the state to learn and discuss how to act as better citizens when online. The session run by focused on how we can think about four key areas when connecting online, and what that looks like in real life.

The focus this year was to play it safe and fair online

The message from the eSafety Commissioner was that there is no place for online abuse and we can all help to make life online enjoyable by being kind and respectful to each other. During the session, students were asked to answer questions, think and give opinions about the best possible ways to reach positive outcomes in a number of relevant and real-life situations. To continue our building of good Digital Citizenship skills and practices, we will use this great opportunity as the gateway into our Health and Wellbeing, Digital Citizenship curriculum.

Take a look at how our supporters are joining in with a #PlayitFairOnline video.

Parents have an important role to play in children’s online lives and evidence shows that their awareness and digital involvement has increased since 2016. But there are still some significant gaps – especially around children’s exposure to potentially harmful online content.

Please be aware that there is a range of supporting programs and information available online for parents to use. An great example of this is an upcoming parent-focused webinar – eSafety’s parent guide to helping kids thrive online available in March. This webinar looks to cover:

  • how to talk to young people about online risks on different social media platforms and games
  • how to help young people develop skills to protect themselves when they are online
  • where to go for help if things go wrong and how to access mental health support and information through eSafety.

For more information and to register for the session, follow the link below.

Luke Johnson, Deputy Principal