School Communications & ICT Agreement Parental Consent Form


To ensure our communications are back on track as soon as possible and streamlined for you to access only relevant information, it is important for you to have our communication tools loaded and configured correctly. Two of these major communication tools are the Skoolbag and SeeSaw platforms. 

Skoolbag is our whole school messaging app – where parents and families can receive notices from us regarding day-to-day events, happenings and updates. For example, any live health advice or notices that we need to communicate would be communicated this way, as it reaches our large school community quickly and effectively. Other information sent through Skoolbag include our fortnightly Newsletters, and the P & C’s ‘The Churchland’s Chatter’. Skoolbag is also importantly our method of gaining any student excursion permission electronically.  

To ensure you are receiving the appropriate messages it is vital that you join any Skoolbag groups that are relevant to your children. These groups include your children’s classroom, but may extend to other groups including music groups, technology class groups, and sporting teams and groups that your children participate in.  

Check out for information on how to join Skoolbag and Skoolbag groups. 

SeeSaw – is our e-learning and classroom communication avenue. Please make sure you have connected with your children’s SeeSaw classrooms through the SeeSaw Family app. Through this app, teachers will communicate notes and student learning that is more personal to the context of the individual classroom. If you are yet to connect to your rooms, please contact your children’s teachers for an invite. 

ICT Agreement Forms 2022 – Parental Consent Form

As demonstrated by our communication platforms outlined above, technology plays an extremely important role in both our student’s learning and the smooth running of the school. Without it, our students would struggle to access important learning materials, have the authentic context to learn the technology curriculums and be able to learn to communicate safely and confidently in today’s communication landscape.  

An important step towards using our chosen technology, in a safe and secure manner, while building our student’s knowledge and skills, begins with our families at home. As we start each year, we invite families to discuss the technology that will be used through the learning year, as we do at school and come to terms with what appropriate and safe usage looks like both at home and in the classroom. We then require families and students to agree to a standard of behaviour that reflects the expectations of our community.   

Also, as part of the department’s commitment to protecting WA students’ personal information, we have audited our digital tools and now present them to our parents who are required to provided consent for their use. These tools require ‘bundled’ consent (one signature for all) as they are deemed to present a very minor risk in regards to the inappropriate use of student information. 

If you haven’t already, please find the recent Skoolbag post – YEARS K- 6: ICT Family Agreements, Third Party Online Service Permission & iPad Registration (1-6) to find more information and provide the required consent through eForm attached, or provide direct consent through the link below. 

2022 ICT Agreement Form