Scitech Incursion

Over the past two weeks, classes from Pre-primary to Year 6 have experienced an amazing ‘out of this planet’ experience. As part of our upcoming Science/STEAM week celebrations, Scitech have come to the school and run a mini planetarium and problem solving workshop for each classroom.

With this year’s Science week theme being the Moon, in celebration of the 50th anniversary of the first moon landing, students were treated to an immersive and interactive experience under the ‘spacedome’. Learning about our planet’s solar system, and branching out into the universe, each class experienced a very informative and visual experience, hosted by the friendly and knowledgeable Scitech staff.

Once each class had experienced the ‘dome’, they were presented with some more ‘Earthly’ challenges in the library, where in teams, they had to design solutions following the STEAM process to some real-life inspired problems.

Whether it was designing soft-landing systems for flying craft, or creating structures that would withstand vicious storms, our students were praised by the staff for applying their great prior knowledge and experience when put in these problem solving positions.

Thank you to the great Scitech staff for the wonderful experience when presenting this opportunity to our students. It was the perfect lead-in to our exciting Science week activities!