Sculpture by the School and Artsy Animal Art Exhibition

Friday 5 April 2019          SAVE THE DATE

On Friday 5 April you are all invited to enjoy the Churchlands student’s Sculpture by the School and the Artsy Animal Art Show. The art show will be open for viewing from 8am until 5pm so please come along to enjoy our student’s creativity.
The students are invited to make their own sculptures to install for the day around the school grounds.
The following is a guide to what to do on the Friday morning when the sculptures are bought into school.
Please bring constructed sculptures from home to install in the school grounds before 8.30am on the Friday morning. Register your name and the name of your sculpture at the Art Team’s table (outside the art room), to collect a numbered label. Attach this label to your art work. Small sculptures are to be displayed on the trestle tables around the Art Pavilion, outside the art room, and larger works can be placed in the gardens up to and in front the undercover area.
Everyone is invited to vote once for their favourite sculpture. Teachers will be collecting student votes during class viewing times. The winning sculpture will be announced Friday afternoon. A prize of movie vouchers will be won.
During the day take some time to enjoy our whole school Artsy Animal Art Exhibition in the undercover area. This art exhibition is a celebration of the pre-primary to year six skill, creativity and diversity of ideas. Every student will have their work on display so please invite friends and relations to view our unique exhibition from 8.00am until 5.00pm.

We need help on the Wednesday 3 April and Thursday 4 April to hang over 530 pieces of art.  If you could spare some time to assist with this task, please let me know by email or just drop into the art room and I will draw up a roster. You would be an art angel.

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