Sculptures by the School and News from the Art Room

Yesterday we held our much-awaited Sculpture by the School. The school grounds were an explosion of color, forms, and movement as more than 70 homemade sculptures and hundreds of school-made sculptures were installed around the Art’s Pavilion, gardens, and Nature Playground. It was awesome. For many children this event was their ‘sport’s day’ and the cheerful, engaged faces and sounds echoed throughout the day. We were so blessed for the weather with the thunderstorm holding off until after home time.

Thank you parents and teachers for your encouraging support.

The winner of the People’s Choice Award was Rosie Shepherd room 11 for her humorous Hole in One, with the runner-up Edeline Tan room 8 for her equally hilarious Can, Can Choir. Comedy won the day. Congratulations.

Here are some reflections from Room 10 students.

  • It made me feel like I was in a real art museum.
  • It was truly the best sight I’ve seen since I joined Churchlands Primary School.
  • Sculptures standing boldly, confidently, waiting to be admired.
  • Sculptures by the School was mind-blowingly fantastic, proving the talent at this school.

Melinda Cockerill