Skoolbag School Communication App – No more FlexiSchools

As you would be aware, we were recently forced to change our whole-school communication platform from Flexibuzz to Flexischool due to the former discontinuing at the beginning of the term. Although we have been able to circulate our messages, we have experienced a noticeable lack of support and customer service from the providers of the app. The silver lining of this situation is that we have taken the opportunity to explore other, more effective, options for our whole-school communications.
After investigating several platforms, CPS has decided to use the Skoolbag app for the next 2 years. Skoolbag comes highly recommended, it is well supported, and adds the advantage of being able to host electronic notes and payment options, features we are looking forward to introducing soon.

The good news is that the new app will hopefully make dealing with the day-to-day school administration duties, such as returning notes and paying for school products, less time consuming. Unfortunately, the downside of moving to a new app is that all families will need to install and register for yet another application. We do apologise for forcing this change, however I hope families will soon see that the benefits outweigh some minimal inconvenience of downloading a new app.

IMPORTANT: Please note that we will not begin using Skoolbag for our communications until the start of Term 4. This allows all parents and families plenty of time to be ready and registered. We will therefore be continuing to use Flexischools for the remainder of this term.

So to get the ball rolling, please follow this link to download the app. Once downloaded, you will need to register, then select Churchlands Primary School, and your relevant classrooms. Please note that each classroom has restricted access which will be manually granted by the CPS admin team when you join the room.

For more detailed instructions on finding, installing and registering on the app, please click here