STEAM/Science Week

Thank you to all students, teachers, and families who engaged in this year’s CPS STEAM/Science Week! As expected, it was an amazing week with a very high student turnout to the activities, some brilliant solutions to our problem-based challenges and finally it was topped off with the extrordinary Dr Karen Lee-Waddell from the CSIRO on Friday.

Congratulations to Emmett B and Isla and Emelia B, and families, for taking home the Scietech annual passes for their thorough, detailed and unique solutions in the Design Thinking, Take-home challenge this year. Well done!

Olivia T, Grace G, Angela Q, and Catherine Z from year 5, Isaac L, Emilia B, Kingsley G, Jason D, and Andrew T from year 4, and  Sean A, Edward G, and Thomas F from year 3, also need to be congratulated as they are this year’s winners of the annual Design Thinking Challenge, which occurs in STEAM week. These forward-thinking, problem solvers will be reperesenting CPS at next term’s Scitech Challnge day on the 19th (year 5) & 23rd (year 3 & 4) of October. We wish them luck, but are confident they will do our school proud!

Thanks again to all the teachers who helped plan and engage our students each and every lunch time last week. It was a busy schedule but all activities were full to the brim of students having fun learning science and solving some very relevant problems.

Finally, thanks again to Dr Karen from CSIRO, whose presentation and question time for all students from pre-primary to year 6 was definitely a highlight of the week. We thank her for her generosity with her time. It was great to hear such an amazing journey and see the engagement with our students as they embark on their own search for answers and junior scientists! Thanks Dr Karen!

We already look forward to our STEAM/Week adventures next year!

Mr Johnson

Deputy Principal


While National Science Week was back in August, this year CPS will be celebrating this very special week throughout week 8. This year’s theme is INNOVATION, which allows a lot of scope for students to engage in all things STEAM.

While our students will be engaged in many learning opportunities and activities throughout the week, we would like to highlight a couple of special happenings.

Whole-school Take Home Challenge

Firstly, students and their families are invited to take part in this year’s Take-home whole school challenge. If your familly (or group of friends) are up to the challenge, you are required to step throught the Design Thinking Process in order to come up with a unique and exciting solution to a problem (or improvement) you think our school could do with.

If you are not sure how the Design Thinking Process works, don’t worry, the activity booklet will help you step it out on the way to some fantastic, innovation, problem solving!

Entries need to be in by next Thursday for you chance to win some great prizes announced at Friday’s assembly.

Download the Take-home Challenge Activity Booklet here

Very Special Guest – Dr Karen Lee-Waddel – CSIRO Astronomer

Also, on Friday, our CPS students from P-6 will be treated to a session with renowned CSIRO Astronomer, Dr Karen Lee-Waddel. Dr Lee-Waddel will be chatting to our students about Astronomy, her journey into becoming a scientist and also touch on how AI is assisting with her work.

For a bit of a sneek peek introduction on Dr Lee-Waddel, check out the video below.