Student Councillor Excursion

Earlier this week, the 2023 Student Councillors spent a day at the Perth Exhibition and Convention Centre in the city, as we attended a Youth Leadership Australia Conference. 

We were one of 63 schools, with over 800 year 5 and 6 students from all around the state who came together to learn about how to become effective leaders in our schools and communities. 

It was a wonderful opportunity to meet students from other schools and share our experiences of being leaders in our schools. 

Some of the key messages we all took away from the experience were, 

  • Leaders don’t need a stage, a badge or to be in the front row. 
  • When new opportunities come up, we often walk a tightrope between fear and courage. But if you feed the courage and take the opportunity, try something new and risk being wrong, you may find that you will grow as a person and a leader. 
  • Your age does not determine your ability to achieve extraordinary things. 
  • Different types of leadership styles, acting as a Director, a Peer or a Supporter. 
  • How to create change in your school community. 

We also heard from ex-AFL footballer and West Coast Eagle, Brayden Ainsworth, on how we can understand our emotions and how they can impact on the choices we make as leaders. 

It was a fantastic day, giving us all lots to think about. We look forward to sharing it with everyone at the week 6 assembly, as well as during the rest of the year as your 2023 Student Councillors. 

Omar, Xavier, Darcy, Ella, Abby, Saanvi, Edeline and Stella.