Student Councillor GRIP Leadership Conference

On Monday the 18th of March, the 2024 Student Councillors went to the Perth Convention Centre to participate in the GRIP Leadership Student Conference. 

The purpose of taking part of this event was to learn and gain knowledge on how to be a better leader for our school. 

The eight councillors arrived at the Convention Centre (where they met Mr. O’Mara). Excited to start the day, they entered the building.  

On that day, there were over 2000 kids from over 100 schools, all learning how to become leaders at their school. There were so many fun activities to do, as we filled in the booklet that we were given to complete. The Councillors learned many important skills. This included topics such as “The sacrifices of a student leader”, “Stepping forward with new ideas” and “Doing the things that leaders often forget”. 

“One thing I learnt today that was important to me is the Sacrifices of a Student Leader”, said by Asha. The sacrifices of a student leader is one thing we learnt during this conference, and we all agreed that it was one of the most important qualities of a student leader. The three sacrifices of a student leader are: sacrificing what others might think about you, sacrificing putting your own wants first, and sacrificing expecting something in return.  

One of the highlights of the conference came from the presenters known as The Loud Noises Crew. This activity needed one volunteer from 6 different schools and Angela was lucky enough to be selected. The task Angela had to do was just simply do her favourite dance move. So, when it was her time to shine, she proudly represented her school and danced on stage for the entire audience to copy! 

Finally, the last event was over, and before they knew it, the eight councillors were heading out of the doors of the Convention Centre. 

“I wasn’t expecting this to be THIS fun! I was expecting it to be more of a lecture!” said Ilios. 

“It is beyond amazing.” said by Angela. 

The Student Councillors had so much fun and they learnt so many skills and tips on how to be a better leader! 

We would also like to thank Mr O’Mara for coming along this trip.  Also, we would like to thank the 3 parents who transported us to the Convention centre and back to school safely, Angela’s Dad, Ilios’ Mum and Matthew’s Dad.