Student Councillor GRIP Leadership Conference

On Friday the 13 of March the CPS Student Councillors went to the GRIP Leadership Conference at the Perth Convention Centre. The topic for this year’s conference was how to Lead the Way. We learnt that Leadership isn’t a position but it is an action.

Our first topic was Leading the Way. The three steps on how to Lead the Way are, Knowing the Way, Showing the Way and Going the Way. We also learnt that Leading the way is less about being given a position and more about having the ambition to help others. We also learnt how you can lead the way and help others in, at or outside school. We all watched 4 different clips from 4 different movies and had to identify how a selected character lead the way.

Our second topic was Generosity. We discovered that the three things that help guide a leader to show Generosity are, serving others, sacrifice and significance. Generosity is a willingness to help others, especially more than is usual. We found out that when you sacrificed something it had to be generally significant. We discovered this by playing a game where we had to guess what toy was displayed upon the board. This showed what the toy was important or significant to us.

Our third topic was ideas to lead the way. Leading the way involves taking action with new ideas. We had to think of new ideas that, use the talents of our teams, don’t use any money and help the students who need it most. We all had to brainstorm together to think of ideas that fitted these categories’. We then had to trade our ideas between schools and select our favourite idea. We then figured out ways to bring our ideas to life using different strategies. We learnt that even after introducing our idea, getting permission for it and involving everyone, even if it was successful you must keep taking your idea forward and advancing it to keep it running.

We all think that this Conference was most useful and fun and enjoyable for us and we loved being able to go and learn about leadership and how to be a leader. We would strongly suggest that next year’s Student Councillors would go as well, as it is so useful to have it with you moving forward.


Ollie, Charlie, Giselle, Hannah, Maddy, Lucy, Laetitia and Kayden.