Sustainability News

Last week was an exciting day for Mrs Barnett’s class because they had Doctor Bruce from CSIRO talking to them about our amazing frog habitat. Whilst learning about the food web, a frog jumped out of the reeds and into the pond, proving that frogs are starting to live in our pond. Don’t forget to go past the pond which is next to the library and just enjoy the sitting area and scenery on offer.

45, year 4 students nominated for an opportunity to become an environmental officer in 2024. I think that is a record number of nominations! The students will be told next year whether they have been chosen and will receive their badges next year, at the assembly in week 4. Environmental Officers play an important role in our school as they assist with the composting, Containers for Change, chickens, worms and vegetable planting and shredding of paper lunch bags. Thank you to Mr Jeremy Wood from the Cambridge Rotary Club for assisting the officers every Thursday. Jeremy’s commitment has been incredible, and I know the students have learnt a great deal from him.


We are seeking a home for our last 2 chickens. They are 7 years old and do lay eggs from time to time. Please let Mrs Samsa or Mr Johnson know if you are willing to take the chickens. Next year we are starting with new chicks again. Thank you.


Our first solar buddies arrived last week and the year 5’s put these together. We love supporting this program because it helps eliminate energy poverty in a third world country. Thank you for allowing your child to participate in the free dress day this year as the proceeds went to solar buddy.  We also received 2000 dollars from Subiaco Rotary Club to assist in the purchase of these lights. Thank you, Rotary.


Thank you to the parents that assisted this year with the Eco Shed, in particular Anne Rainbow and Gemma Taylor.


Mrs Samsa Sustainability leader.