Sustainability News

Worm Mania

Last week Mrs Samsa assisted teachers with making a worm farm for every Year 1 and 2 students.  Students learnt why we have a worm farm at school and the important job that worms do in the garden.

All the   students loved their worm farms and proudly took them home to care for them.

Mikaela M from Year 1 liked watching the worms wiggle.

Ella D from Room 1 said that worm farms eat the scraps from the canteen.

Lucas Z Room 5 said that making the worm farm was exciting. And lots of fun.

New Nesting Boxes

Our chickens now nest in luxury. A huge thank you to Craig M (Grace, his daughter, is an

Environmental Officer) for making a very comfortable nesting box for our 6 chickens. The chooks settled in straight away and are happily laying their eggs in the new home.

Quairading Tree Planting

The annual tree planting trek is on again this Friday. In spite of the very wet weather, the camp is going ahead and we wish the students and parents a fun and eventful weekend. We look forward to hearing about it on your return.

AWARD Presentation

On behalf of CPS, Mrs Samsa will be attending a National Landcare awards ceremony next Thursday 5th August in Kalamunda. The ceremony is to recognise the work in sustainability that CPS does. In particular the Landcare award nomination acknowledges the 100, 000 trees that have been planted by Environmental Officers over the past 15 years in Quairading. Good Luck Mrs Samsa, and we look forward to hearing the outcome.