Sustainability News

On Tuesday evening 24th August, voluntary Environmental Officers attended a Subiaco Rotary meeting. The Rotary Club donated $2,500 to cover the cost of the Quairading Camp. This community partnership is fostered at CPS and greatly valued by our school community. The students presented thank you cards, a PowerPoint presentation about the Quairading camp and sang the Quairading song. The Rotarians were delighted that students took the opportunity to share their camp experiences. As part of our school values, it is important that students are given the opportunity to show thanks to people in our community who provide wonderful opportunities to enhance their life’s experiences. Thank you to the following students and parents for giving up their evening to represent CPS.  

James E (Pam Phelan), Olivia D (Benita), Eliud A (Fong), James B (Melanie), Jaanvhi I, (Anra) Alysa Z (Catherine), Aarushi C (Prajita), Caitlin J (Tracy) and Sam Mc.

Containers for Change 

Did you know CPS recycle 10c logo items for the Containers for Change program? We have 3 large bins where you can drop off your containers. Two bins are in the undercover area and one bin is up in the ECU next to Mrs Jenkin’s class. PLEASE ensure that lids are off the containers and that there is no residual liquid in the containers. These bins are not for rubbish. Support our school by adding your recyclables as the money goes back to the school for items of need.

Bee Incursion 

As part of our Biological Science studies, half of the school has been fortunate to listen to a bee expert Roy, from Bee Educated who shared his extensive knowledge about bees with the students. They learnt that Bees are truly fascinating insects and are incredibly important for our ecosystem. They also loved tasting Roy’s honey! Follow up activities in the classroom have been drawing bee life cycles, writing bee incursion recounts and naming body parts of bees.

The next bee incursion sessions will be on 31st August and 1st September. This will ensure that all students have had the opportunity to be involved in the bee incursion.

Mrs Samsa 

Sustainability Co-ordinator.