Sustainability News

Sustainability News

Last Friday marked GIVE WRITE’S second anniversary. GIVE WRITE is a non-profit organisation that collects used and unused stationery from local schools in December each year. The products are sorted and given to disadvantaged families in WA. I attended Give Write headquarters in Subiaco last week. Most of the people that work at GIVE WRITE are volunteers. Please support this program by encouraging your child to place all their unused stationery into the GIVE WRITE bins which will be at school in December. The bins will be placed in each block of learning.

Congratulations to Olivia Di G, Ethan W and Rosie S for their outstanding effort at explaining our sustainability program to Education Minister Sue Ellery and Environment Minister Sanderson on Wednesday 17th November. Overall our dignitaries were very impressed with the variety of waste reduction strategies that we have implemented at CPS. Our chickens, worms, battery recycling, paper bag shredding, containers for change, composting, tree planting are all the programs we have at CPS to reduce our carbon footprint on the environment. Our frog habitat was also viewed by the ministers and guests and once again they were impressed by the use of solar panels for recycling our pond water.

It was so exciting to be part of the waste reduction announcements on Channel 9 news last Wednesday. The announcement by the ministers was to explain that schools can apply for solar panels to reduce their energy bills. We will certainly be taking advantage of the funding on offer to install solar at CPS as this will be a further opportunity to add value to our program and help to continue to reduce our carbon footprint. Comments from our guests about the collective ownership of our sustainability program and how the students take control and run the program was a reinforcement that makes our school stand out as being a front runner in best practice in sustainability education.

On 30th November five students from the Environmental Team will be representing CPS at a waste reduction conference by sharing our school processes that help reduce our carbon footprint on the environment. Gracie H, Caitlin

J, James E, Ethan P and Lachie B will be representing our school.

For the remainder of the year, Year 4 students wanting to be an environmental officer in 2022 are assisting with the jobs around the school to reduce waste.
All year 4 students will be given the opportunity to try out for an environmental role.

Mrs Samsa Environmental leader.