Sustainability News Term 3 Week 3

On Friday 29th and 30th July, this year’s Environmental officers were involved in an overnight camp. Throughout Friday students participated in some interesting workshops. This included making their own bird box, viewing a PowerPoint on salinity and participating in a student voice workshop where climate change issues were discussed. We weeded and planted around the frog habitat.  SERCUL provided the plants to our school as part of the Phosphorus Awareness Project grant it receives from the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions (DBCA), which aims to educate the community about the environmental impacts of too many nutrients entering our waterways. We were fortunate to also receive donated native plants from the Stirling Council. We planted these on the school grounds in front of Mountain Bell Road.  

We travelled to Quairading bright and early on Saturday 30th where we spent time planting natives to revegetate farming property that was ravaged by bushfire earlier in the year. Fortunately, we did not receive much rain whilst in Quairading but it was very cold. This did not stop the students from doing their best to plant many trees. Thank you to the following people who assisted with the camp: Hamish Buddle, Joe Ariyaratnam, Josh Sims, Barry Murphy and Di Idle. Here are some comments from the students that attended the camp.

Anastasia : Thank you Mrs Samsa,  it was a great camp. 

Sam W:  The Friday activities were fun!  

The camp was an amazing experience: Chloe Mc D 

Wow, what an incredible experience!:  Obie M  

Abby:  The camp was loads of fun!

Mrs Samsa

Sustainablilty Officer