Sustainability News

Welcome to the year 5, Environmental Officers that will be part of our sustainability program for 2024. The selected students will be presented with their badges at the assembly on 23rd Feb. All families have been notified if their child has been selected. We have 39 students that are going to be part of the sustainability program. These students are Eco warriors and give up their time to assist our school. 

Students are divided up into semesters with room 10 environmental volunteers having jobs in SEMESTER 1 and room 11 students will be in SEMESTER 2. The sustainability students have an important part to play within our school. They assist with reducing the impact of the school footprint on the environment by composting, feeding canteen scraps to the worms, cultivating vegetable gardens, shredding paper, sorting out containers for change and assisting with waste free lunches. They will look after the chickens once we get new ones for 2024. We are waiting for the cooler weather before we introduce chicks. The students experience a weekend camp to plant trees and they also build solar buddies for third world countries.  


There is a BUSY BEE on SUNDAY 10th MARCH from 2 – 4 pm! All families are welcome! We will be cleaning up around the school and planting in the frog habitat. We will be planting in the Eco shed as well. Your help will be greatly appreciated! This is a great opportunity to come along and meet new parents and feel part of our school community. Bring your gloves, hat and shovel to the busy bee. Please feel free to contact me at if you have any queries.  

Mrs Samsa